elf power - my previous? life
of montreal - some old cronies of mine
great lakes - playing some bass with these fellas
orangetwin - co-op label helping local athens artists and wildlife
cloudrecordings - circulatory system's label and others
pipes you see, pipes you don't - check out mr. erchick's world
casper fandango - great musician, fine producer, beautiful kook
visitations - spin a web in case you fall out of the sky
marshmallow coast - andy g. plucking heaven from a feather
the minders - if i lived in portland, i'd beg to be in this band - for a definitive account of all e6 happenings
hype city - norwegian label that has released some of my wares
brian buchanan - painted the stargirl to the left
optical atlas - a very excellent elephant 6 blog

homestar runner - my favorite site on the web
lost and found sound - spectacular npr series - more great audio documentaries
silophone - send & listen to audio at an old grain silo in quebec
found magazine - a place for found objects