December 11, 2009
b.p. the gorilla - mccarren park pool - brooklyn - july 30, 2006three years and not much news. well, tonight we are playing our first show in forever. It's los gatos perdidos back in action. that's me, eric, pete, casper and neil. athen's flagpole gave me a nice write-up in this week's issue. it will give a bit of background on some stuff that's been happening in my musical world.
check it out!

October 18, 2006
the late b.p. helium is heading out on the road! we'll be travelling up to play our big showcase at CMJ in NYC. a few shows to and fro doncha know. check out the tour dates!

August 24, 2006
b.p. the gorilla - mccarren park pool - brooklyn - july 30, 2006i just finished a 3 week tour with of Montreal. crazy sights and sounds! lollapalooza, free show in brooklyn, 1st ave in minneapolis and, of course, jamie+derek's (tilly and the wall) wedding! we have a few more shows to go this fall before we put the sunlandic twins to bed. some really great ones coming up as well.

one place i get to play with of Montreal is vancouver. i've never been there so i booked an early flight and booked a show for myself and my great friend, jamey huggins, a.k.a. james husband. we're playing at a small place called the media club on august 30. we're on first! 8pm. so don't be late!

b.p. & aaron rock toronto - june 28, 2006i also want to thank all those who joined and helped out on the late b.p. helium's tour this past june/july! colleen and paul from jackandginger. love forever! the impossible shapes, doug gillard, james mckenty & the spades... and a big high five to tyler (the museum pieces) and jess and everyone else in halifax. it was amazing!!!

working on a short tour for late october/early november. the late b.p. helium will be playing on november 1st at the northsix in brooklyn. it's all a part of the kork agency's night at the cmj festival. should be a hoot!

rad radishes... b.p.

June 5, 2006
hey! we need some help booking shows in québec (montréal), ottawa, fredricton & new england. if you can help please contact me! thanx!

May 24, 2006
los gatos perdidos on the rooftop!sloan simpson, immense and preeminent archiver of the athens scene, posted a fairly recent show (01.07.06) of ours on his website, southern shelter. That show and some others are available at the fairly awesome Now, if i didn't sound so choked up! :O

i've also dug up some photos and video clips of a show we played on the rooftop of wuxtry records in downtown athens. kelly ruberto snapped these with her digital camera on april 3, 2005. (thank you kelly!) click on visuals to check it out.

May 20, 2006
liner notes by the late b.p. helium!

some things are finally afoot! the late b.p. helium will be mounting a tour of canada and the u.s. this summer. my very great friend, colleen hixenbaugh, and her band, jackandginger, will be with us as we head from toronto eastward towards the maritimes. a trip of a lifetime! we'll also be playing a few u.s. shows to and fro. be sure to check out the dates as more and more will be confirmed soon.

elephant 6 blogger site, optical atlas, has just published an interview. included in this interview are some photos i took in berlin as well as some unreleased MP3's featuring sketches, demos & alternate mixes of songs. check it out HERE.

January 4, 2006
just added a show opening for 63 Crayons THIS saturday here in athens at the Caledonia. come out if ya can.

also, we'll be opening for of Montreal on their trip around florida in mid-february!
shazaam! b.p.

October 27, 2005
james husband & the late b.p. helium!
i'm about to head out the door for Europe with of Montreal! James Husband and i will be playing a few shows together in Scandanavia after the tour ends. come out and see us if you can!

lurv... beeps

October 4, 2005
just wanted to let you know i am still alive! going to japan with of Montreal and then europe in november! rolling along with the big juggernaut. i promise some b.p. trinkets when i return. thank you so much!

oh yeah, possible b.p. shows with james husband in scandanavia in late november/early december!

March 10, 2005
first off!! the late b.p. helium has two shows coming up! the first one will be a show this Saturday, March 12th at Extra Records here in Athens. Sharing the bill will be my good friend and bandmate, James Husband (also known as Jamey Huggins) and Austin popsters The Channel. it starts early at 9pm!

on Sunday April 3rd, the late b.p. helium will be playing on the rooftop of wuxtry records in downtown athens. yes, on the roof! yeah yeah.. just like the Beatles! we will be heard! :) also, on the bill are the frenetic, 63 Crayons, and angular guitar heroes, We vs the Shark. it's a late afternoon affair. and FREE of course. it'll probably start around 2 or 3pm.

of Montreal circa March 8, 2005of Montreal is of course going to be ruling my life for next few months. we'll be playing at SXSW on March 18th and also playing a few shows on the way and back. on April 2nd, we will be playing the 40 Watt Club. James Husband's family band will be opening. yes, his family. mom, dad, sister, cousins. it should be awesome. from there, we head out on a 2 month tour of the states and canada! check the shows section to find out where! oh yeah... new of Montreal record, the sunlandic twins, will be released on April 12th.

and oh yeah!!! just got back from Japan with Casper and the Cookies!!! it was quite possibly the best trip of my life. i want to thank Sakamoto, J.P., Sada, Sumiko and everybody else we met for being the greatest of hosts and friends!!! we can only hope to return the favor soon!! check out a part of the cookies diary here.

January 7, 2005
happy new year! well... what's up with b.p.? playing a bunch of shows locally. just played with elf power opening for pylon on new year's eve. might post an mp3 of that one. then there's the late b.p. helium playing with summer hymns and pipes you see, pipes you don't (pete erchick's band) at nuçi's space on the 15th. then the shiitake knights are back after a long hiatus playing at the lunch paper on january 20th.. hopefully emily (our biggest fan) will show. i'll be playing guitar with casper & the cookies when they head off to japan at the end of february. whoohoo!! and then the of Montreal onslaught begins. a huge 2 1/2 month tour commences this spring starting in march with SXSW. the new of Montreal record, the sunlandic twins, will be released at the beginning of april. and then it's scandanavia in august and then more touring... blah blah blah...... somewhere in there i'll find time to record albums with elf power and the late b.p. helium. hopefully .... sheesh!

November 28, 2004
i recently finished playing about a month of shows with
Elf Power. and man, i'm exhausted!! it was a good time though. looks like Elf Power will be playing with Pylon on new year's eve at the 40 watt club here in athens. awesome!

i've gotten some great reviews (thankfully!) on amok. you can peruse them (and translate them.. you'll see) in the press section.

"is this shoe causing distress?"

i've found some great pictures from the recent of Montreal/the late bp helium tour in september. check out kid with camera and scroll down to the middle of the page. or see some photos by the312 HERE.

if you have any pics, audio, etc,
i'd love to add it to the site!
with pickle eyes -=> b.p.

October 13, 2004
ultra-rad radio show, Just Off The Radar, recently aired an interview plus 3 songs from the new album, amok. listen an edited 'bp only' portion: mp3 (30 minutes - 30 megabytes!)

on october 5th, 2004, orangetwin released my first full-length album, amok. it's finally finished! undying gratitude goes to jason nesmith for helping me persevere and stand upright. and
lest we forget lee 'scratch' perry....