bp band 6/6/2006: neil golden, b.p., aaron wegelin, casper fandango
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the late b.p. helium is one bryan poole. maybe a man. maybe a ghost. regardless of his state, mr. helium has made much music over the years within and out of the Elephant 6 collective. maybe you've seen his credits on records by the likes of of Montreal, Elf Power, Great Lakes or the Olivia Tremor Control. this helium has released two records under his nom de plume so far to date. the first, kumquat mae, is a piano pop pastoral piece in the vein of mccartney (the album) and spritely as the floyd chancing upon a music box under a baking southern sun. the second record, amok, plays like a jukebox on genre random. once 60's pop, once 80's nyc no wave... oh maybe some southern skynard meets the replacements. ambient thai mother and child morph into a bubblegum bounce? sure thing. amok changes rooms and moods, but retains the thread that is all elemental helium. the late b.p. helium will be hovering. be sure to look him up.

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